Founded in 2005, Vanderford & Ruiz (the “Firm”) started as a handful of experienced trial and appellate attorneys who provided the highest quality legal services in the most cost-effective manner. In the ensuing years, we have represented a variety of public entities, private corporations, and individuals, including Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's of London, Global Aerospace, the City of Los Angeles, The County of Los Angeles, The Los Angeles Unified School Board, Metrolink, Chartis, and Bob Hope Airport.

The expertise we offer is tailored to the defense needs of public entities, insurance companies, and private corporations. We have litigated cases all throughout California in the areas of construction; employment; premises liability; insurance coverage; products liability; subrogation; and rail. Our philosophy is to closely work with the client to achieve his or her goals. Many times, the size and importance of a case justify preparing for eventual trial, with the idea that thorough preparation is the best way to ensure a case resolves on the most advantageous terms for the client. When cases are not as large, we work with the client to decide on an economical approach to achieve the desired results. Most importantly, we are trial lawyers who relish the opportunity to defend our clients in front of a jury, when necessary.

The Firm has a close relationship with various insurance carriers. The Firm strives to provide exemplary legal representation with an extremely competitive fee structure. In a nutshell, we treat our clients’ interests and resources as if they were our own.